Frequently asked questions

A website is, in the simplest terms, an advert for you. It is designed to your own specification and can reach a huge variety of people. More and more customers at least choose a supplier if not actually purchase via the internet. Without a website you are already losing these customers.

The simple answer is to decide on a budget, then contact us and we will advise and help you get the right solution

This is the name by which your site is known. i.e The domain name for this site is

Your first decision is whether you will use the name of your company as your domain name, an abbreviation, or a word or words which summarize your service or product. The domain name is one of the six criteria search engines check when they decide how high to rank you in a search. This can make the difference between a lot of traffic or not.

There is no single answer to this question, The major two factors that determine the cost of a well made website are "level of design" and "complexity" of the web site function.

just a valid credit card with no limit, and your life story

Yes, there are several ways in which multimedia can be included in your site

Yes we can make your site active using javascript, PHP, perl, MySql, DHTML, or FLASH