Frequently asked questions

Website design
Many web designers claim that web site design is not an exact science and one should simply “go with what you like." While our customers always drive the project, Our websites are designed according to proven web standards, best practice and your feedback.

Once you have your domain name, and your site, you need hosting space. Your web site must physically reside on a computer that's connected to the internet.
We can provide hosting on one of our shared servers, provide a dedicated server, or you can get your own

Graphic optimisation
We take your images, logos etc select the ones to use then crop and optimise them for the web

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the best way to get noticed on the web. Our goal is to establish your online identity with a professional web site design, and optimize your search engine rankings utilizing the most effective search engine tools.

There is no single answer to this question, it depends on the complexity and size of your site

just a valid credit card with no limit, and your life story


Introduction to using a computer (2 hours)

a two hour course designed to help those new to computers in taking their first steps. Training is on a one on one basis in your home

Expanding on computing (1 hour)

a personal training course in 1 hour sessions simply book in advance via phone or email and let us know what you'd like to learn in your hour or more!

Computer Training pack (5 1 hour Lessons)

a pack of 5 lessons that can be spread over a month call to book your slot in advance and let us know what you'd like to learn!

Hardware purchase consultation

Hardware purchase advice (Home)

in home purchase consultation on a solution that is right for you, we can advise and you can get the parts, you can ask us to get the parts or you can even ask us to fit it all for you as part of our installation service

Hardware purchase advice (Business)

Personal consultation for an IT solution for your business

Installations and upgrades

Single component Installation
Installation of memory, graphics cards and any other single component to a home PC

Multicomponent Installation
up to 3 components installed to and in home PC

PC Build
Custom build of a PC from its base components

Network Installation
In home network installation wireless or wired and connection of up to 3 PC's

A PC Maintenance Check, Virus scan and Check on general Health

Home PC installation
Installation of a PC, connection of Peripherals such as printers and webcams and a 1 hour tutorial on the PC's operation


Phone support and direct connect
a 1 year support package where we will try to help you over the phone but if its not that simple provided you have an internet connection we'll connect to your PC and sort the problem as you watch!

Home IT Support Package
a maintenance contract for all of your in home IT equipment from your computer to your network

Business Maintenance Contracts
Contact us for prices on maintaining your Business IT for you